Unlock Money You Didn’t Know Existed With These Tricks

Unlock Money You Didn't Know Existed With These Tricks

There are many times when you wish you had more money. However, there are only so many ways to get it. Money has to come in the form of income, an inheritance or cash prize, or perhaps a loan. But what if there were ways you could get the money you need that you haven’t thought of yet? It could be cash that already belongs to you that you have forgotten exists. It could also be money that you deserve or have a claim to but that you may have to go through a process to obtain. You might be able to boost your finances by doing one of the smart things below.

Look For Old Savings Accounts

You might not realize it, but it can be easier than you think to forget about the money you own. Over the course of your lifetime, you can open up checking and savings accounts for a number of reasons. You might have different accounts intended for different purposes. But you can sometimes forget about them, especially if there’s only a small amount of money in them. However, if you can find these accounts, they might be useful to you. Savings accounts, in particular, might have grown over the years, even if it’s only by a little. You might also have accounts that relatives opened in your name when you were younger.

Claim For An Accident

Sometimes you don’t already own the money you can unlock. But you might have a way to secure it that you haven’t considered before. If you have had an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you might not have made a claim for compensation at the time. There are a number of reasons for this. You might have been too ill or too busy, or perhaps you couldn’t afford it.

However, you can probably still make a claim if your accident happened in the last two or three years. You might have had an accident at work, been in a car crash or even been assaulted. If you consult with a firm who can tell you if you have a case. You can often speak to a lawyer during a free consultation for a set amount of time. Filing your claim may help you with expenses associated with your accident. These can include medical bills and loss of wages. However, be aware that you do just get huge sums of money for nothing.

Make Sure You’ve Claimed Your Assets

As well as bank accounts, it’s important to consider if you have any assets you might not have tapped into. For example, you might have a life insurance policy you have forgotten about. You could have a pension or investment fund that contains money you can access. You could even have bonds, shares and dividends you neglected to keep up with. All of these things could end up being small amounts of money. However, adding them together could help you a lot, especially when combined with savings accounts. It might not be enough to retire on, but it could help you if you’re having financial difficulty.

Check Your Eligibility For Benefits, Grants, Etc.

There could be money that can help you that you might be eligible for if you’re having a hard time financially. You might not necessarily have to be struggling to access these funds, either. There are different types of benefits, grants and funding you could get for a number of reasons. For example, students can look into getting scholarships and bursaries. These could be obtained through academic merit, sports, or due to income. People with disabilities might be able to access funds from various programs. You may be able to find help to buy food or cover your bills. There’s no guarantee you will be able to access this kind of money. However, if you meet the criteria for something, you have a good chance.

Look For Unclaimed Or Uncashed Money

You might be surprised by what you have forgotten to do in order to get your money. The idea of forgetting money might seem strange, but we often leave it in our pockets. Asides from bank accounts and other assets, you might have money lying around in other forms. For example, many people have traveler’s checks they never cashed or foreign currency. Some people might have gift cards with money on them. One thing that many people have is a tax refund. You may have been informed that you’re owed some money back from the IRS. But it’s surprisingly easy to forget to claim it.

There could be money out there that’s rightfully yours. If you think you could have some hidden cash, you need to start looking for it.


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