Traveling for Lasik Surgery: Things You Need to Know

Lasik surgery

Having a good pair of eyes (and not having to wear glasses all the time) is great if you are a traveler, especially if you travel professionally as a photographer or a blogger. Your eyes are your biggest assets and taking good care of them is crucially important. Unfortunately for many of us, the days of having clear eyes are long gone.

However, technology is enabling some of us to enjoy that 20/20 vision again. Lasik, also known as laser eye surgery, can help repair the eyes from years of damages. There are even those who travel to get Lasik surgery. Before you do, however, here are some of the things you need to know.

Where to Get Lasik

Choosing a Lasik surgeon is very similar to choosing a surgeon for other surgeries. You have to be absolutely certain that you are in the right hands before moving forward with the procedure. In the case of Lasik, you also want the facility to be certified and reliable.

Choosing a Lasik surgeon or a facility that handles Lasik surgeries is now easy thanks to the internet. There are countless reviews and a lot of resources that can help you figure out if a particular facility is good enough for your surgery.

Some places are even famous among travelers. The infamous Lasik Grand Junction CO in Colorado, run by Dr. Travis Anderson, O.D., offers great eye care services and vision correction procedures from its comfortable and high-tech facility.

Planning for the Trip

If you are traveling for Lasik surgery, you want to keep the itinerary light. The last thing you want after a surgery is going out for a walk or doing challenging things as part of the itinerary. Make sure the day of the surgery is completely empty and that you can afford to take one or two days afterwards to relax.

The surgery itself isn’t challenging, but you may still feel tired after the procedure. Depending on the service provider and the doctor treating you, you may also be asked to stay under care after the procedure.

Bring Company

Having a surgery away from home is never easy, even when it is only a minor one. It is always best to have someone traveling with you. This way, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You can prepare your mind for the surgery and focus on your recovery after the procedure, knowing that you have a close friend, a partner, or a relative helping you with everything else.

You can travel again soon after the surgery. The doctor may prevent you from driving immediately after the procedure, but anything after 24 hours is completely fine. You can schedule your flight home after a day of resting or you can stay longer and enjoy the city some more.

One more thing to understand about Lasik surgery is the fact that it is a major surgery. There are risks that need to be managed and the possibilities of failure to anticipate. Make sure you take these things into account before planning a trip to get Lasik surgery.


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