Shop Smart when Refreshing Your Wardrobe!

When you’re savvy about your finances you know better than to buy on impulse. That being said, everyone in the family still needs to wear clothes! If your bank account looks like a revolving door when it’s time to shop for clothe perhaps you need a strategy for shopping. Here are some tips to help you start:

Make a list and keep it updated. Note each person’s sizes and what they need; you can add stars for priority items if your family is large.

Don’t pay full price. If you’re in a store check the clearance racks, and limit yourself to deals on items on your list. Browse the regular racks so you have an idea of what may be going on clearance in the future.

Go to the source. Most brand name clothing lines and stores have their own websites where you can find great prices. A good example is the Guess Factory Store, where you have the widest selection of styles, colors, and sizes of their entire line of clothing. You can download the free Groupon app and save even more with a Guess Factory Store Coupon. This is only one example of thousands of merchants available!

Buy used. Check online resale shops as well as traditional consignment stores for excellent deals on gently used clothing. It’s time consuming but you’ll often find items that still have the original store tags because someone received the item as a gift and didn’t care for the style or fit.

Trade with friends. Ask your family members if they have any fashionable clothing that doesn’t fit or they don’t care for. You may be pleasantly surprised! Likewise, if you have kids check for a Mom-to-Mom exchange sale and renew your children’s wardrobes for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Think ahead. If you know Junior is going to need black slacks for the chorus concert start shopping as soon as you get the word. That way you can find a reasonable price instead of paying top dollar at the last minute. This goes for all family members: make it a habit to buy winter boots and clothes at the end of the season and swimming suits in July or August.

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