How to Ensure your Brand is not Marked Spam?

Spam filters have been doing a great job by filtering out irrelevant emails and messages aimed at the advertisement. The advancement in technology makes sure that such emails and messages do not reach us and enter the spam folder hardly opened by anyone. No doubt this has optimized our social media experience but what about small scale businesses who lose their chance of advertisement by being marked as spam?

Brand is not Marked Spam

Small companies are unable to reach their target audience and advertise their product. They spend a lot of time framing and sending emails, which never reaches the potential customers. For small businesses to get a fighting chance, it is a must to avoid getting marked as spam. Following are six best working techniques to prevent the emails from landing down in spam folder-

1) Be honest

Be sincere about your identity and do not pretend to somebody else. Make sure that your email service provider authenticates your emails. Attachment of digital signature proves the authenticity of emails which can be done if you are aware of Domain keys identified mail. The understanding of the sender policy framework is also essential. SPF is an email validation system, keeping a check if incoming emails are from an authorized and genuine host.

2) Make sure to remove wrong addresses

Timely remove invalid email addresses and be on top of your lists. In case you have switched your ESP, make sure that you migrate clean records. When you send too many emails to email addresses that are no longer valid, your ESP determines that you are not a legitimate sender. Your emails are sent to the spam folder. Hence it is required to revise your list and eliminate invalid addresses timely.

3) Clean old data

Many times people opt out of your service, and their email addresses remain on your list. Keep amending your list and cleaning old data. You may find a new list of email addresses. Do not send emails on them as they might be spam traps or addresses of people who have opted out. If you send emails on them, you could land into the spam folder.

4) Remove spam complaints

It is done if you use a reputed email service provider. Your ESP unsubscribes the ESPs who report your mail. If your ESP doesn’t provide this service, do it yourself.

5) Focus on the audience which shows engagement

There is no point spending transmission rates on the audience who never bother to open your emails. Update fields for options such as last click, last open, first and last sent. It develops triggers in your email, protecting the integrity of your lists. Connect more appropriately with the audience showing engagement.

6) Review opt-ins

It is essential to make sure that not interested customers have a way to opt out or unsubscribe whenever they want. This way, you can list your potential and engaged audience to be contacted further. Also, that makes sure that you have only those customers on your list, which will not cause you a problem.

The above tips essentially save your emails from being flagged as spam and enhance your chance in the market by connecting you to the target audience.

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