How to Build an Unique Brand Identity with the Help of Content Marketing

Are you aware about the “no logo test”? All you have to do is to take some of the articles that you written and alongside take a few of the articles of your competitor brands. Now print out these documents and shuffle their order. Make sure all articles are in Word documents, and the logos or names of the respective companies are not mentioned anywhere on the printouts. Now, the task is to identify your content from all the others in the bunch. If your content has a distinct voice and tone – basically if you are able to identify your content, that is because your content stands out from the rest. It doesn’t need your brand name and logo. A logo test is an excellent method to determine whether your content marketing strategies are working or not.

When a brand first starts with content marketing, publishing even a blog each week seems like a big achievement. But, once you’ve gotten the mechanics of content ideation on the check, you would realize that to create the content of your life, something of value and quality, you might have to put in all the time required. In all the digital clutter, content marketing might provide you are clearer and a more distinct viewpoint that is useful for your target audience.

Well, what is the secret behind a success content marketing campaign? How do you use content marketing to build a masterpiece brand image? Let us find out.

To build your brand, you are supposed to remain grounded to your brand’s identity. To make your brand stand out from the rest, you have to start by refining your vision, company goals and your values. You have to create content that will reflect these values on the outside. Your content should align with the needs of your customers. Your content should portray your company’s unique perspective.

Your content should have a unique voice and tone that is essentially your brand’s unwavering voice. You might have a clear understanding of your brand’s voice, but you need to make sure that everyone in your company has an understanding of the same. To build a reputation, you need to prioritize certain qualities. The brand has a stronger voice, when the messages aren’t scattered and the brand has a consistent tone, so as to not create any sort of confusion with your audience.


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