The Hi-Fi Technology Age

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The human race has conquered the entire planet with its extreme intelligence and excellence. We expect more from technology and less from each. Where are those days when love happened over self made mixtapes and long evening walks by the lake? The days when the boy had to pick up the landline phone and get through the father to talk to the girl? The days when a wife kept waiting for her husband’s letters from across the border? The days when life was simpler and people prioritized relationships over things.

The world is moving so fast these days that we are just a click away from our friends and family living hundreds of miles away from us. We have about a thousand friends on Facebook and about five hundred Instagram followers. We keep updating our virtual world with all the fun things we are doing, all the exotic places we visit and all the new friends we make in real life. The friend who hasn’t met you in 10 years also knows about your latest Singapore vacation, but does he know that you were crying the day after because of some little fight you had with your mother? People are so busy decorating their fabulous false worlds that they are forgetting to notice and care about the little things that actually affect people. What is the point of so many friends when you can go to none of them when you feel lonely? What is the point of being surrounded by a crowd of superficial friends when none of them visit you during your sick days? What is the point of going to lavish birthday parties when honestly you don’t even remember their birthdays at some other time of the year?

As we are growing in technology and as we are growing fast in every field, we are growing apart. In this mirror maze of lies, deception and broken promises, are we really happy? Or are we pretending to be happy? Are we really together, or are we trying to cover up our loneliness with a fake mask of glamour and money? Some day immediacy is going to eat us all. Social media is killing our feelings. We are forgetting to express. Instead we use an emoticon.
Instead of catching up on someone over a cup of coffee, we simply check out their Facebook timeline and assume that they are happy in their lives without even actually checking on them.

In the process of trying to show everyone how happening our lives are, we are forgetting to actually live one of our own. Are we truly living? Are we happy?


Anum Yoon is the founder and editor of Current on Currency. She loves all things personal finance, which is why you'll find her work all over the PF blogosphere.

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