Here is why Elon Musk is the Greatest Entrepreneur of all Times

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People like Einstein, Elon Musk are born once in a millennium.

  • He developed an interest in programming and at the tender age of 12 he sold his first software game called Blastar. This goes on show that he was a born entrepreneur.
  • If you look at the life of Elon Musk you won’t be able to find a moment where he stopped, stopped working his forward. From PayPal to Tesla motors to SpaceX , his thirst to achieve more has never been quenched.
  • Looking at his success story you might get the impression that it was easy for him. No success is gained without a little pain. There was a time when Tesla motors was almost bankrupt and SpaceX too wasn’t able to launch their spacecraft. Personally too he was going through a divorce. But he took it all in his stride and rose to become the greatest entrepreneur of all times. Learn to have a never dying spirit.
  • Musk began his career by developing a software. Then he worked in a finance company. Then he opened his automobile company, Tesla motors. Now he is launching spacecrafts into the outer space, privately. Even NASA gave his company a contract to provide supplies to astronauts in the international space station. Now he is working on traffic less transportation under Hyperloop. What you learn from this fact is that never be afraid to diversity. But do have a complete knowledge of the field you decide to step into. When Elon first thought of launching spacecrafts and he approached people they felt that he too was like other millionaires who just came to throw money. But to their surprise Musk always had in- depth knowledge of his work. Change is the only constant.
  • At a time when internet was just beginning, Elon had thought about an online bank. He later did start one, known famously as PayPal. Think ahead of others. That is what made Elon stand out from the others. Now when no one else is thinking of outer space, his company has reduced space travel to such a level that one day common man would be settling down in Mars!
  • Be obsessed about your idea. So is Elon Musk and that is why he is where he is right now. No one else will come and do it down for you. Hard Work is the only way out. Whenever musk has to find a solution, he just paces around until he finds one. That should be your level of determination, dedication and passion. If you yourself do not believe in your idea then no one else will.
  • Be open to criticism. Criticism is always good for the growth any venture or any individual for that matter. Because no one is perfect. And if you are criticised that means people are at least paying attention. Take the criticism in a positive way and use it to improve your flaws.

Young entrepreneurs, take note!


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