What All Can You Do Instead of Networking Events

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Why are Networking Events such wastage? Attending an event just to distribute business cards is not how networking is done. Networking involves connecting with people to expand business. You can’t organize or even show up at these events in a desperate attempt to land clients. How many meaningful interactions have you honestly had in your last networking event? Most of you would have had no serious benefits and this article is for those people who have lost their way in the networking field.

Let me start by answering the first question. Why are networking events a waste? Networking is about building a relationship, and not selling. Selling your product once to a customer is no big deal, but the deal lies in selling the product again to the same customer. Following up on potential clients, building a trust factor is the key instead of pestering them with your desperate requests into purchasing your product. A networking event is a place where a lot people come together to find potential prospects, and then everything is blown off into the noise and chaos.

What could you do instead of attending these unnecessary events where you do nothing, but waste a whole lot of energy and time? Read on to find out:

  • Host your own event to bring together all your existing clients and allow them to bring guests along with them. The key is to strengthen the already existing relationships and make new connections if possible. A satisfied customer will keep buying from you, and also refer other people to you.


  • If you have 4 tickets to watch a play or for the rangers game, you invite one of your important client or a strategic partner, and subtly ask them to bring someone they think you should definitely meet. That could get you to score, instead of trying to talk to prospects in a networking event.


  • The best way to find potential clients is by following up on your high school classmates, college friends, former colleagues, ex-bosses or old neighborhood friends. Catch up with them over a cup of coffee, and slip in the business talks in between your sips. Their contacts may give you some important clients and help you make some sales.


  • Use online platforms to form effective, authentic professional relationships. Why don’t you open a LinkedIn profile right now and see for yourself?


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