5 Things You Should Never Say in a Workplace

There are certain specific phrases that shouldn’t be uttered in a workplace. EVER. These strings of words can have adverse effects on your reputation in the company. These phrases can make you look bad, and once these words slip out of your tongue, you cannot take them back. There are many more things other than politically incorrect statements, racist jokes, cuss words, or shocking gossips – I am talking about the more subtle remarks; the ones that portray our insecurities and low self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter how talented or skilled you are at your job, or how rich you are, there are certain things you should just not say out loud. Here is a list of phrases you should avoid saying in the office. Read along and save yourself from embarrassment:

(1) It’s not fair

Of course it isn’t. Life isn’t fair. If it is not fair for you, it isn’t fair for anyone. By saying something like this, you simple come across as a naïve, immature and gullible person, who isn’t ready for the corporate world.

(2) This may be a silly idea.

If you are suggesting something to your team, but you don’t have the confidence whether they are going to like it or not, and if you project this confusion to them, your idea will never be liked. You need to be your best critic. You need to be confident about your ideas. If you say, “I think” or “I’m going to say something stupid, but”, people will simply lose confidence in you.

(3) I’ll try

No, you won’t try, but, you will do it. Again, you use the word “try” when you aren’t confident of the results. This shows that you aren’t sure about your capabilities. You either have to give your full commitment to the task in hand, or suggest an alternative instead. The word “try” just keeps the other party hanging in the air, and that isn’t professional on your side.

(4) He/she is a jerk

Never bitch about your colleagues. Even if you are right, you shouldn’t say this out loud. If that person is a jerk, the entire office probably has the idea. By broadcasting their ineptitude, you are the one who comes across as the jerk.

(5) This isn’t my job

Everything is part of your job. If you think you will not be able to do a particular task handed over to you, or you have too many things on your plate, you could simply say n. But, when you make a statement like this, you are coming across as a rude person.


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